If we accept the idea that the purpose of photography is to return a coherent and understandable image of reality and we do not consider the fact that reality itself is not entirely objective, we cannot understand that the perception of everything that surrounds us it is nothing more than the fruit of our mental process that processes visual information. Therefore what we call reality is only a set of individual, changing and unstable perceptions. It is in this area that my research on informal photography moves, where the realism of the mechanical medium is replaced by the perception of shape and colours, sometimes unique and unrepeatable as in the encounter between fluids of different colors and densities, other times with the de-contextualization of an ordinary object, or part of it, to the point of dissolving any reference to consolidated reality and regenerating it in a new expressive solution. In any case, the "real" data is replaced by the "possible" one and in this way reality is perceived through the senses, where it is the mind of the observer that attributes meaning to what he sees.


According to Aristotle, matter is the substratum of every change, of every movement of form. It is a principle of things, constitutive of corporeality. Thus conceived, matter is pure indeterminacy, knowable only indirectly, arguing its existence as necessary for the composition of reality. In this way matter is understood as power, pure capacity, which is nothing, but which can become something.

With the MATERIA series, my research on the concept of abstraction in photography continues, where matter is used in its different states to explore the expressive possibilities of forms. Some of these states of matter represent extremely fleeting forms, giving life to a composition that lives only for an instant, then disappearing into the matter itself.


Reality is a conspiracy created by the illusion of the senses

  Composition nr 10 - 2024 Composition nr 20 - 2024 Composition nr 32 - 2024 Composition nr 33 - 2024  
  Composition nr 29 - 2024 Composition nr 31 - 2024 Composition nr 28 - 2024 Composition nr 36 - 2024  
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Light. Light and darkness are basic natural phenomena as well as symbolic or metaphorical meanings that are often equated with the pairs of Being and Non-Being, primordial chaos and world order. According to the most ancient conceptions from the early civilizations of the Middle East, light and darkness are experienced in rhythmical alternation and hence as being contingent on each other. Darkness is the mysterious, impenetrable ground and source of light; and light becomes associated with creation. It grants and is therefore a symbol for the primal conditions of life: warmth, sensuality, and intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

The word “light” originates from Greek and refers to the root of the verb “to show”, “to portray”. For the ancient Greeks, light guided human intellect to truth, just like a lighthouse guides lost sailors to safety. Over the centuries it has always been a symbol of superior and transcendent dimensions, the symbol of what human reasoning gravitates to.

Hail to you, O unique one who lasts every day!
He who has power over the horizon comes,
he who has power over the gods!

                                                             Pyramid Texts

  Composition nr 1 - 2023 Composition nr 3 - 2023 Composition nr 5 - 2023 Composition nr 9 - 2023  
  Composition nr 11 - 2023 Composition nr 17 - 2023 Composition nr 18 - 2023 Composition nr 20 - 2023  

The 02INFINITY series, or rather The Ekpýrosis, is a research on the concept of abstraction that originates from the de-contextualization of an ordinary object, or part of it, to the point of dissolving any reference to visible reality. It is in this way that the formal element, reduced to fragments, is regenerated towards a new expressive solutions.
The Ekpýrosis, in Greek philosophy, is the universal conflagration, also called "great fire", which according to Stoic physics periodically determines the end of everything in a cosmic fire, from which everything is reborn in a palingenesis. Each period of time is born out of fire and culminates in destruction through fire; in many philosophies of antiquity we find the idea that the universe is born and ends in fire, or is destroyed to be reborn from its own ruins.

Nor shall this peace sleep with her; but as when the bird of wonder dies, the maiden phoenix, her ashes new create another heir as great in admiration as herself.

                                                                                             W. Shakespeare - Henry VIII

  Composition nr 22 - 2022 Composition nr 11 - 2022  
  Composition nr 29 - 2022 Composition nr 20 - 2022  
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Although the seed had already been sown since the seventeenth century, it was in the twentieth century that the revolt of artists against the concept of "beauty", or at least the denial of the aesthetics of beauty, exploded in all its virulence, inside the historic avant-gardes, especially Cubism, Dadaism and Expressionism. This last movement, in particular, exalting the emotional value of art, seeks the subjective vision of reality and tries to represent the anxieties of modernism and the ugliness masked by bourgeois hypocrisy. In representing this, expressionism does not hesitate to use unpleasant images, indeed, never as with expressionism does 'ugly' become art!

Flowers have always fascinated me for their strong symbolic charge linked to the cycle of life and death and for their representation of the ephemeral concept of beauty. In the same way, I found in them the perfect dichotomy between the concept of beauty and ugliness that fulfilled in the short passage of their existence, from sprout to death. The formal beauty of the anthesis is followed by its metamorphosis towards decadence... and even this decadence can become a beauty expression.

Man screams from the depths of his soul; the whole era becomes a single, piercing shriek.
Art also screams, into the deep darkness, screams for help, screams for the spirit.
This is Expressionism.

                                                                                                                                              Hermann Bahr

  Ibiscus - composition nr 4 - 2013 Surfinia - composition nr 4 - 2012  Calla - composition nr 2  - 2012  Dying Rose - composition nr 3 - 2012  
  Triptych Rise and Fall - 2012 Rose - composition nr 4 - 2013
Rose - composition nr 4 - 2014
Platinum Palladium Print
  Dying Gerbera - composition nr CL2 - 2015  Dead Tulip - composition nr CL1 - 2017  Dead Rose - composition nr CL1 - 2017  Dying Poppy - composition nr CL1 - 2015   

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Later I wrote for various national and international outdoor magazines and, at the dawn of the new millennium, I started working as a fine art photographer.

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